Largest online catalogue of Curated WalkThrus

Lost on popular social sites? Don’t know where to go and hate asking for directions?

Simplify and enhance your internet experience.

WalkThru is a virtual “walkthrough” for common internet sites and web tools; a simple, effective and intuitive way for new users to navigate common web sites and become self-reliant.

Today this catalogue of service contains “walk throughs” of some commonly used social sites and our aim is to continuously add new sites to simplify your internet experience.

You can finally have friend and family members be self sufficient and sign up to new social sites without asking for your help.

Now doesn’t that sound great?

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Feature Images One

Multipage Guides

Have you ever come across sites where you have to follow a process from one page to another?

Never feel abandoned or lost while on the site. We are always there for reassurance and clarification. Even though you are going across multipages, our progress bar shows you how far you are from finishing the task. With WalkThru you can focus on getting through your tasks one step at a time.

Learn & Apply in the same moment. No more Videos!

Watched a video tutorial, but can’t remember details when you need them?

You can focus on getting through your task, instead of memorizing instructions or switching back and forth from video to webpage.

Walk throughs have been seen to be the most effective method for learning technology and retaining information. When you use video tutorials you only retain about 30% of the information, whereas with walk throughs you can retain 90-95% of the overall content !

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